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Meet The Chef

My name is Rosemary Ingersoll,
And cooking has always been my driving passion. Having been raised by a professional chef, and being surrounded by an entire family of outstanding cooks, a love for food and cooking became deeply ingrained within me from an early age. Ever since my first job working as a dishwasher at the age of 15, I have always dreamed of becoming a chef. I have spent the subsequent years working to achieve that goal, learning the ins and outs of culinary technique and different cuisines. After moving to CO 12 years ago, I completed a comprehensive and grueling 3 year European style culinary apprenticeship program through Rocky Mountain Chefs of Colorado. Since then, I have worked as a chef in restaurants and hotels throughout the Denver area. The idea of being a personal chef has always appealed to me, and I eventually decided to pursue that goal. Working in the traditional restaurant scene, where there is next to zero contact with the people I am cooking for, it is easy to loose sight of the real reason I love what I do. The reason is love. Food is an expression of love, and my passion is to express myself through every dish I prepare in an effort to delight and satisfy my customers with exquisite cuisine. Creating each dish with love is what sets a meal apart from the rest, making it an experience that satisfies the soul as well as the body. This is the mindset that inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a personal chef.

Although born and raised in Vermont, I have lived in Colorado for 12 years, and it is the only place on earth I call home. Some of my other interests include a endless love affair with craft beer, both to drink and to cook with. Exploring Colorado’s numerous craft breweries is one of my favorite pastimes, and I also enjoy home brewing. 

Rosemary Ingersoll


Nothing beats time spent in the mountains. Hiking, fishing and camping, or a great scenic drive are some of my favorite activities. I’m also somewhat of a homebody at times, and an evening spent immersed in a good book, or watching Netflix is nothing to complain about.